Solving the multi-platform challenge in mobile devices

The writing is on the wall is clear with mobile devices becoming mainstream business devices. In addition to the current workhorse – the PC, consumers and businesses are adopting internet connected smartphones and tablets in record numbers. The path for mobile device enablement for businesses is fragmented and full of challenging decisions. This starts from mobile application landscape being multi-platform and multi-resolution. While Android uses Java, iOS uses Objective-C, Windows Phones use .NET. Natively hitting all of these environments requires one to build multiple versions of an app and to learn multiple technology platforms. New challenges also open up with the client devices in deliver visualizations and touch enablement. How to work with multi-platform challengeFortunately there exists a solution to this madness in HTML 5. This stack takes advantage of browser based technologies and hence can run on all of the major mobile platforms as well as desktop platforms. However, the…

Register for Community Event in Delhi–Dec 17 & 18

Having trouble reading this email? View it in your browser.Stay Ahead!Keeping with the changing needs and dynamics of the IT landscape, Delhi Technology Forum presents TechCon 2011, a premier event for technology professionals in Delhi NCR. Blended with dedicated content for developers and IT pros, this event promises opportunities for learning all about the upcoming Microsoft technologies and networking with industry stalwarts.

To know more about the Delhi Technology Forum, click hereWhat will you learnDeveloper Day (Dec 17) HighlightsIT Pro Day (Dec 18) HighlightsSessions on:Windows Phone 7 App Development Developing with HTML5 Developing on Windows Azure ASP.NET 4.5 SQL Server 2012 SharePoint Development
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Implementing Public Cloud with Office 365 Setting up Private Cloud with System Center & Hyper V Public Cloud with Windows Azure SQL Server 2012 Securing the Enterprise For DevelopersSaturday, 17 December, 2011Time: 9.00 AM- 7.00 PMFor IT ProsSunday, 18 Decem…

Microsoft Launches Windows Phone in India

Microsoft is today launching Windows Phone in India. These phones are,infact, the second generation of phones launched earlier outside India. Codenamed “Mango” the Windows Phones bring a lot of productivity benefits to consumers. Windows Phones are built with focus on people rather than getting tasks done or putting applications in charge. This focus on people infests itself with native integration of the phone with social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo Mail, Live Mail, GMail. Once you associate your IDs at these services, the phone automatically, integrates recent information from these sites into the phone. Let’s see where this could be useful:Let’s say I have a friend whom I have not been in touch with for a few months. He/ She moves locations and updates their phone no. in facebook. With Windows Phone, this updated number would automagically find its ways to the address book and I can call the friend on the new number. Now, if I was interested in knowing …

Everyone wants to own this kid: HTML5

Question: A kid that everyone wants to adopt and no ones exactly knows what it is?Clue: It’s not Justin Beiber!Answer: HTML 5HTML5 is being hailed as the next BIG thing in technology after creation of WWW. Designers have bought into this lock stock and barrel. Developers are starting to dip their feet into this technology. There is truth to the importance of HTML 5 as it represents the next version of HTML than we currently use. Also, major technology companies adopting this almost present a consensus of validity of HTML5. This next version allows for richer media, richer semantics and more application like features (geolocation, local storage, background programming etc). The only issue is that it is still years away from being formalised as a standard. Browser makers including Google, Microsoft and Mozilla are elbowing each other to declare support for HTML 5 (IE9 and Chrome already have some HTML 5 support). Windows 8 is widely rumored to adopt HTML 5 scripting for writing Win 8 ap…

LightSwitch: A new RAD IDE from Microsoft

Microsoft has released its latest development tool, Visual Studio LightSwitch. LightSwitch is aimed at application developers who want to build applications rapidly. I personally think this is a good application for freelance developers who are looking to develop applications in record times.This super fast development ability of Lightswitch is provided by including a variety of prebuilt templates and tools to build business applications that target Windows Client or Windows Azure. LightSwitch simplifies attaching to data with data source wizards or creating data tables with table designers.It also includes screen templates for common tasks so you can create clean interfaces for your applications without being a designer. In addition, LightSwitch users can build forms from existing templates and populate them with data from data sources including SQL Server, SQL Azure, SharePoint and others. There also is integrated support for working with Microsoft Office for tasks such as exporting…

GoingNative: A New show for the Native Developers

“Native” developers – well this isn’t a reference to any ethnic developers . In the .NET world, native developers are the ones whose choice of programming language is the C++. C++ is used in many computing scenarios. When the might of Microsoft is behind .NET, these developers sometimes feel left out of all the buzz going around. And now they don’t have to.GoingNative is a monthly show on Channel 9 focused on native development with an emphasis on C++. It’s brought to you by Charles Torre(C9), Diego Dagum(C++) and Tony Goodhew(VS). The goal is to provide entertainment, education, conversations with native developers across the company and beyond. From newcomers to seasoned C/C++ vets, the goal is to provide content and code that matters to them with the primary goal of expanding minds. This show will focus on a variety of scenarios where going native makes the most the sense when maximum power and performance are key ingredients in your computational recipe. In episode 0, hostsDiego a…

XBOX is the real star for Microsoft

Today Microsoft reported its annual earnings. And the no. is USD 70 bn (a growth of 12%). In an environment of slowdowns across the world this double digit growth for such a large company is encouraging for the software industry. The real winner in the last year seems to be the XBOX 360 which has been breaking all records of device sales and earning revenue handsomely for MS. The STB division is lurking close to the Windows division in terms of revenue and may overtake them in an year or two. Read on for some more details.These days large corporations tend to mint money not only from their core businesses but also from their treasury operations – hence I prefer to look at their operating income. In this area, MS again outshines with growth of 13% to USD 27.16 bn. This also reflects a healthy margin of 39% on the business (Whew!!)So where did the growth come from?MBD:  This division earns the max. revenues (22 bn) for the company and is home to Office, Exchange and Dynamics suite of pr…