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Installing NoDo on Windows Phone 7

Got lucky today when I got the Nodo update on Windows Phone 7. My phone is a HTC Mozart Device. I produce below the sequence of steps that I had to undertake to update my phone with NoDo update. the first indication that you have the update is when phone alerts you of the same. It tells you that you will need to connect with Zune software on your PC to get the update. So, that’s what I did! Screenshots from the Zune follow: The Windows Phone 7 during the Nodo update: The Copy Paste operation on Windows Phone 7: the selection works by dragging the arrow handle once you have selected a single word. clicking on the “Copy” icon copies the selected text. I pasted the selected text from Outlook to OneNote (cross-application). You paste by clicking on the “Paste” icon in the gray bar above the soft keyboard. The final version of software on Windows Phone 7: Final OS version: 7.0.73900 The update took over 30 mins to complete. You should budget this time if yo