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March/April 2006 issue of TechNet Magazine now online

The March/April issue of TechNet Magazine is now available online at . This month’s issue includes feature articles on desktop deployment , systems management , and virtualization . There are also a number of exciting columns, including Blog Tales (on how Microsoft “does” blogging), Hey, Scripting Guy , Security Watch from Steve Riley, Raymond Chen’s Windows Confidential , and more. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

Using Visual Studio to develop with Mono

If you are interested in developing with Mono using Visual Studio, there are a number of tools that Francisco Martinez has developed to make your experience smoother. He created a few screencasts and a general introduction on his blog: The Installing VSPrjMake screencast shows how you install the Visual Studio add-in. In this screencast he shows how to test your Windows.Forms application with the Mono runtime using Visual Studio. In this one he shows how to test an ASP.NET application with Mono from Visual Studio. Today for the first time I had the chance to play with these on Paco's laptop (he is visiting the Cambridge office this week). He also has developed a tool to choose which Mono runtime to use. The tool is useful for Mono power-users on Windows (you can watch your app work better with new versions of Mono as you go; Or you can track regressions in Mono). In his blog entry, he has other screencasts showing how to run the same application with different runtimes (.NET C

Hacking Into Vegas

I got to watch The Code Room – Hacking into Vegas. It is an 1/2 hour internet TV show that exposes technologists to the latest tools and technologies for tackling real-world software development issues. Here a small group of rouge hackers finds its way into the systems for High Rollers at the famous Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. When the Casino finds out they call in the "A Team" to get to the bottom of this. Watch the games as the Black Hats go for high stakes against the White Hats and the games unfold in this episode. The show demonstrates the impact of a hacked environment (a casino in the show) that has been penetrated and compromised by a group of hackers. More importantly the show also illustrates how to defend against the attack and the type of effort it takes to fix this. This show was very riveting to watch. It was very interesting to watch (unlike most tech shows) and kept the interest alive till the last. The episode is complete with hackers, whit

Want to try Internet Explorer 7.0?

I took the plunge and installed IE 7.0 Beta 2 Preview on my machine. The download was a large 11.2 MB. this release is not BETA 2 (release 5296) but a preview of beta 2. you can only install this if you are running Windows XP SP2. From the outset it looks cool. it is doing all the things natively that IE 6.0 was doing with MSN Toolbar installed. if you want to try out IE 7.0, download it from: and if you want help on windows issues, here is an new interesting site focussed on Indian audience: get a glimpse of the future today! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

KIA - Reborn MVH

have been KIA - "killed in action" for some time now. not without a reason.. for one - I got married! it marks a new phase in my life. for now the marriage has not really sunk in within me.. maybe it takes a little time. for second - I was in Patna and didn't have internet at home. going to a cafe was not possible as i cudn't leave home - kidnapping is a big business in bihar :) for third - there were so many ceremonies that there was no time to leave the "madwa" (pooja place) to go anywhere. after all that i am here today, eborn with MVH status - Most Valuable Husband! The horizons have just opened up. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.