KIA - Reborn MVH

have been KIA - "killed in action" for some time now. not without a reason..

for one - I got married! it marks a new phase in my life. for now the marriage has not really sunk in within me.. maybe it takes a little time.

for second - I was in Patna and didn't have internet at home. going to a cafe was not possible as i cudn't leave home - kidnapping is a big business in bihar :)

for third - there were so many ceremonies that there was no time to leave the "madwa" (pooja place) to go anywhere.

after all that i am here today, eborn with MVH status - Most Valuable Husband! The horizons have just opened up.
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Anonymous said…
Congratulations! Thatz sm news.

Hope the horizons are as blissful as u hope them to be.

And a typo in last line. 'eborn', or is it that u've got in a habit of usin too much of email, ecommerce n the like ;) But eborn sounds smthin straight outta matrix. :)
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on getting Married !!
Abhishek Kant said…
"eborn" is a typo. essentially it is reborn :)

thanks for all the warm wishes on the wedding.

i believe a person is an aggregation of all the people he/she meets in one's life. From that perspective, everything one does is attributable to the people in one's life. Cheers to all the people in mine!

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