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Day 1: Blogging Workshop at IHC, Delhi

The room is full! Get us some more chairs.. that is how the blogging workshop at IHC Delhi began. We started with expecting 60 people to attend and ended with around 200 instead! The interest in blogging is clearly increasing day by day.. The workshop was organised by IBNMS in collaboration with their Delhi Chapter – .. The session started with Ajay talking about the society and how is it helping people adopt to blogging. The keynote speaker for the workshop was Mr. Madhavan from Hindustan Times who shared his views on why and how of blogging. He started by contrasting the organised march of the mainstream media to the blogs that are unruly in nature..  sort of army discipline versus civilian anarchy! his advice to the blogging rookies was to clearly define the objective they want to achieve via their blogs. The objective can be reached by providing content with a personality of the author. Learning the tools for blogging shouldn’t be an end in itself as it

There is a Baby in house!

DISCLAIMER: This isn’t a technical post but a personal one. The occasion warrants it! I haven’t being writing a lot of blog posts lately. Simply ‘cause I am now a father! I see this as a promotion that God has made for me to make me a better person.. The little boy was born on June 6th in Gurgaon. And ever since that day I have been learning a new trick everyday. Few of my blogger friends got innovative and gifted the little one a new domain name – .. thanks amit, ashish and abby . And we haven’t named him yet! The astrologer says that his name should begin with “H” and so the hunt for a name is on. If you really ask me I am waiting for an inspiration to help me choose a name. Do you have a suggestion? I am going to get regular with my blogging from now on. So stay tuned for more of what this blog is all about microsoft technologies in india…

Silverlight 2: BETA 2 Releasing

Silverlight 2 BETA 2 will be releasing later in this week. Silverlight 2 improved over Silverlight 1 by incorporating .NET CLR in it thereby immensely improving the usefulness.. The BETA 2 now takes Silverlight 2 to “ Enterprise Ready ” status with a commercial go-live license available… Some improvements included in BETA 2 are: New and improved controls (over 40 new controls - button, check box, date controls, gridview, layout, TabControl, text wrapping and scrollbars for TextBox, and for DataGrid additions include Autosize, Reorder, Sort) Networking improvements (cross-domain networking support for calling REST, WS*/SOAP, POX, RSS, and standard HTTP services, upload support for WebClient, and duplex communications) Data handling Improvements (can now provide one way or two way databinding to any number of data sources including LINQ) Improvements in error handling, reporting and development experience Updates to Deep Zoom and animation  (XML-based file format

Microsoft launching marketplace for Experts

Microsoft has seemingly launched a new site - that is meant as an exchange for freelancers and experts. It is in the lines of international sites like , , and At the site, you are required to register with a unique username and provide your paypal ID. The site offers the options to:   Post a Job   Search for Jobs   Subscribe to e-mail alerts to be notified when jobs you are interested in are posted Fill out your profile page The site is very new (most of the jobs posted had the date for 3 June i.e. TODAY).. by industry sources this market may be as large as $10 mn by 2010. This is especially relevant to India as most of the technical jobs are done here. The no. of freelancers are only set to explode in the coming days! Technorati tags: microsoft , taskmarket , freelancers