Microsoft launching marketplace for Experts

taskmarket Microsoft has seemingly launched a new site - that is meant as an exchange for freelancers and experts. It is in the lines of international sites like,, and

At the site, you are required to register with a unique username and provide your paypal ID. The site offers the options to:

The site is very new (most of the jobs posted had the date for 3 June i.e. TODAY).. by industry sources this market may be as large as $10 mn by 2010.

This is especially relevant to India as most of the technical jobs are done here. The no. of freelancers are only set to explode in the coming days!

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Vasudev said…
Yes, that's nice and will be useful.I had also blogged about it earlier: Microsoft Task Market - Get your Job Done.
Its not that new, it started with the Office Labs.Its featured in Office Labs.
I fully agree it will be relevant to India. Many should know about it and utilise the service.
Abhishek Kant said…
thanks for the pointer. indeed it has been launched sometime ago and is a part of the Office Labs.
IMHO, this era will be characterised by freelancers who work "virtually" and enabled by exchanges like these.

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