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Share desktop & applications effortlessly - Tahiti

How many times you have wanted to share your desktop with a friend over internet to show them stuff? Ask for remote assistance (having a friend fix your computer)? Say Hello to Tahiti - Tahiti is about free easy to use screen sharing, with anyone on the internet. You can share from Office, Live Messenger, the Start menu, or the systray icon. You can send invitations by using IM, Email, or by easy instructions to join over the phone. Upto 15 people can be in a session and anyone can share (the person sharing can give control to anyone else). Some other outstanding features are: 1) Multiple mouse pointers in the sharing session, one for each participant (labeled with the name of the person for easy identification) 2) Editing of documents with track changes that displays the initials of the person making the change 3) A very friendly user look and feel Live Messenger has some similar features but it is limited (and old technology), and often has problems traversing NATs/Firewalls. More d

Abhishek at Regional Dinner

Abhishek Originally uploaded by geeteshbajaj . At the MVP Global Summit 2007, we had dinners for different regions. APAC dinner was filled with presentations from various countries. From India we did two: 1. Chanting of Shanti Shloka 2. Encore Dance Performance We came dressed in cultural attire and here you see me in kurta payjma with Indian Flag.

.NET tutorials by MVPs

sometime in 2004-05, MVPs in India had collaborated to create a .NET 1.0 beginner's tutorial. This was made available on MS india community site ever since. today, i discovered this: it let me to hunt down the nos. of times this tutorial had been downloaded. I got this data and that in itself was amazing to me. A total of around 31,000 times that this tutorial was downloaded. just helps to re-affirm my faith in the MVPs and the power of communities in new and novel ways.   Technorati tags: community , India , .network service , MVP

Order digital photos online directly from Vista if ur in India

the convinience of ordering the printed photos online is truly amazing and now it is in India. You can order digital prints of your photos from within photo gallery using a partner company iTasveer ( ). iTasveer also provides T-shirts with your photo imprinted on them. It costs INR 4.5 per 4x6 photo print. This price is even better than the ones offered by other more established photo sites like flickr and dotphoto who print photos at around INR 5 or 6. To get the prints, first  set your Location as India from the Control Panel -> regional Settings (location tab). Start the Online Print wizard from Windows Vista Photo Gallery. You can then choose from 6 photo print sizes and pay for your order. The photos then get uploaded to and are ready to be printed. For a step by step guide on how to order prints online please refer here: they are also offering 10 FREE prints on signup! Technorati tags: photo , printing , v

Mail Merge - enhanced

If you send emails/ mails to a lot of people you are already aware of the mail merge feature of the Office Suite. If you are someone like me who sends a lot of email then email merge is what you mostly like use. the email merge features available with Word are pretty limited. You can only choose the same subject for all emails and can only have a To line. this is pretty limiting. to use features like cc, bcc and attachments in the email merge, dump Word. Go for Publisher 2007 that has email merge containing these features. Technorati tags: publisher , enhanced email merge , office 2007

Flying in India - Get FREE WiFi

Consumers flying through Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune airports will be able to enjoy free Wi-Fi service. This service is being supported by Tata Indicom at these airports. What one needs to do is to download a flash demo of Vista and Office 2007 on their laptop. This WiFi service will be available for 30 mins.   Technorati tags: vista , airport , WiFi , Free , india

Opening Video for MVP Global Summit 2007

The video that says it all and features the Heroes of the community:

The MVP Global Summit 2007

The MVP Global Summit was held from March 12 - 15 2007 in Seattle. While the sessions on 12 & 13 were held at WSCC the sessions on 14 & 15 were scheduled at MSCC. Around 1700 MVPs attended the summit from around 90 nations. The keynote was done by Bill Gates himself who spent time talking about future of computing as he sees it and around 45 mins answering questions from MVPs. From India we were 35 MVPs and myself. We had the cool distinction of carrying the Indian flag that was well noticed ( ) and wearing our grey jackets with "INDIA" emboldened at the back. The event was well covered in press: Computer World: Seattle Times: There is much more to

How to get genuine Windows Vista in India

Getting to buy Windows Vista has been not that easy for customers in India. In the past there was no easy way of getting the genuine software except with new PCs. Now MS India has made the task simpler by providing many new ways to order genuine Windows Vista. These are: Buy Online from IndiaTimes Dial to get your software Locate a store where you can go to get the software Volume Licensing (if you are buying more than 5 licenses) More details on the same are available at: No reason now to run a pirated version !!! Technorati tags: vista , india