.NET tutorials by MVPs

sometime in 2004-05, MVPs in India had collaborated to create a .NET 1.0 beginner's tutorial. This was made available on MS india community site ever since.

today, i discovered this:


it let me to hunt down the nos. of times this tutorial had been downloaded. I got this data and that in itself was amazing to me. A total of around 31,000 times that this tutorial was downloaded.

just helps to re-affirm my faith in the MVPs and the power of communities in new and novel ways.


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Arijit Basu said…
This indeed is a very good and MUST download .NET Resource for beginners.
Great work guys :)
Waiting for more of such resources.
Vasudev said…
Yes this is a very nice tutorial for beginners. I had downloaded it just after its release.And i still have it, which i printed and bound it in the form of book. I had recommended it to many for learning .NET.
Also i came to know the term 'MVP' from that book only, all authors name with MVP written alongside.

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