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Discovering the heart and mind of the online India - 2010

Internet usage is synonymous with Google  (though this is changing with advent of facebook and twitter) and this gives them the pulse of online netizens. Google has come out with 2010 Zeitgeist and it helps gaze into the minds of online Indians. So, let’s delve into it: Technology: The First love of online folks, this infested in fastest rising queries on Mobile phone brands (micromax, samsung, nokia, sony ericsson). Micromax a relatively late entrant has captured curiosity of the nation while Nokia still continues to rule the trust Indians have on the mobile phone brand. Apart from email (yahoo and gmail rule!) and social networking (courtesy facebook, twitter and orkut), Indians spent most time being musical - looking and downloading songs. IRCTC – the epic ecommerce success has been there in top lists for so long that without this the zeitgeist would seem untrue ! The only other online service that continued to attract attention was Way2SMS (and by logical conclusion