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Virtual TechEd - US

Want to attend TechEd US and not travelling there? You can now attend TechEd virtually at: And if you are wondering about TechEd in India, this is now being called TechMela to be held from June 14-16 in Mumbai. Check out the details on:

Posting a Silverlight Streaming video on ur blog

Silverlight Streaming is a service that gives you 4 GB of FREE space for hosting your silverlight applications. Uploading a silverlight video for us on your blog consists of the following: Encoding the source with Silverlight Media Encoder Preparing the upload package Upload the video to Silverlight Streaming Service Modify the Blog Template Make the blog post Encoding the video is accomplished by a free tool - Expression Media Encoder that can encode virtually any video/ audio source into Silverlight compatible format and provide simple player controls. You can encode any video by using File -> Import option. In the Settings tab (located at right of the screen), you should change the Video encoding depending on the server you are targeting. The result of encoding is a directory with various files. For preparing the silverlight video, you will need to delete a few files and includng a manifest.xml file. Refer here for step by step process:

Sean's Message for MVPs on Open Day

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Fight the Road Rage - Be the citizen Cop!

If you drive, you know that there are people out there with no regard to traffic rules or common sense. Except swearing at them there is little one can do anything about them. There is a new site that let's you be a Citizen cop and report these traffic violations. - . To challenge these traffic violators the site is asking for help from the citizens of India (that's you!). The site requires you to register (a single click process with username, password and email). The reason for registration is to discourage fraudulent entries by anonymous people. Also, they say you can send SMS to the site that will upload the registration no. (feature coming soon). After registration, you can enter the registration no of the vehicle that you find violating traffic rules on the road. You can just enter the registration no of the vehicle or include as many details as you can remember about the violating vehicle by clicking on "Add a Traffic Violation" link.

MVP Open Days Photos

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Watch WinHEC Live!

At no need to miss the coolest innovations in hardware space if you can't make it :).. especially true if you are in India.. Official page of WinHEC: WinHEC is the event where MS unveils hardware innovations and future roadmap. Technorati tags: WinHEC

Microsoft CEO Summit - Online

The MS CEO Summit is a private event that convenes more than 100 CEOs from the world's top companies to discuss how technology and business trends will shape the future of business. For the first year ever, an inside peek into CEO Summit is available via CEO Summit Online.   CEO Summit Online can be found here: Technorati tags: CEO Summit

A Developer Comparison for Flash & Silverlight

Simply put this Silverlight is next gen for developers. here is a detailed comparison by someone who knows both worlds very well: Technorati tags: sliverlight , flash

TechEd India is now TechMela !

Microsoft India has announced that its premier technology event - TechEd India will evolve into a larger technology event as TechMela. From an official communication: "TechMela is an evolution of the erstwhile TechEd, Mobile and Embedded Developers' Conference, and IndiMIX. TechMela is a fusion of the latest technologies, business gurus, and structured learning experiences - all you can ask for, in one grand, mother-of-all-tech-events!" TechMela will be held from June 13 - 16 in Mumbai with June 13 reserved for business decision makers and rest of the days for technology. In a significant development, the latter technology event doesn't only cover Developers and IT professionals. It now includes Architects, Designers and Technology enthusiasts. IMHO, you can expect to see new Microsoft technologies - Silverlight, WPF, Win Mobile 6, Live development etc covered at this event. the event is happening after TechEd US and hence we would also see the evangelists coverin

Hotmail launches Today!

Hotmail after being in public BETA for 2 years has launched today in 36 languages. Almost everyone has seen the new interface that Hotmail has. However the news is that Hotmail will allow customers to access their accounts for free via Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 with the Microsoft Office Outlook Connector (formerly a subscription-only feature). A beta of the connector will be available in 11 languages in the coming weeks.   More details at:   Technorati tags: microsoft community , hotmail

Why communities can be helpful for you

We have iterated the numerous benefits of participating in the technical communities many times. Today morning I received a mail from one of the community members who recently discovered the benefits of the community. It is those words that truly capture the value of community:   How contributing to the community has helped me: Understanding real life problems. Using Microsoft Style guide extensively to explain the procedure. Thinking out of the box, which was initially limited. It has sharpened by brain a lot. Making me think thing globally rather than locally. Interacting with other renowned MVP around the globe. Makes me appreciate the applications capability and good people to grow with. Above all it has helped me a lot, lot, lot.   Technorati tags: newsgroups , community