Fight the Road Rage - Be the citizen Cop!

If you drive, you know that there are people out there with no regard to traffic rules or common sense. Except swearing at them there is little one can do anything about them.

There is a new site that let's you be a Citizen cop and report these traffic violations. - To challenge these traffic violators the site is asking for help from the citizens of India (that's you!).

TrafficViolators.comThe site requires you to register (a single click process with username, password and email). The reason for registration is to discourage fraudulent entries by anonymous people. Also, they say you can send SMS to the site that will upload the registration no. (feature coming soon).

After registration, you can enter the registration no of the vehicle that you find violating traffic rules on the road. You can just enter the registration no of the vehicle or include as many details as you can remember about the violating vehicle by clicking on "Add a Traffic Violation" link. That's it-one click and you're done!

You can also return to the site later and provide additional details about the violation that you have earlier reported.\

You can view the top violators based on city, registration no, violation type by clicking on "View Top Violators" button.

Fear of commitment or retaliation? No worries. Only enter violations when you want and the name of the person is never disclosed.

Everyone complains about drivers with no traffic sense- here's your chance to do something about it!

Help us by forwarding this link to all your friends and family!

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