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MSDN India Magazine - Community Article

Question: What do Eric Gunnerson, Michael Kaplan, James Gosling, Scott Guthrie, Martin Fowler and Michael Tiemann have in common? Answer: Each of them are very active in the community and run their blogs read by millions. Well, I have just been informed that MSDN India Magazine will be carrying an article on community called "The Ultimate Guide to the Microsoft Community" in the upcoming release.. Yippeeee!! Keep your eyes open for it! In case you are reading this post, you need to focus on last few paragraphs of the article :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

Global MVP Summit Announced for 2005

Upcoming 2005 MVP Global Summit The MVP Global Summit serves as the most exciting way for Microsoft to acknowledge this vibrant community for their deep and sustained technical expertise and true enthusiasm for the community. This year’s event will take place from Sept. 28 – Oct. 1, 2005 in Redmond, Wash. and will include keynotes from Steve Ballmer, Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Johnson, Group Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Services and Jim Allchin, Senior Vice President of Platforms at Microsoft. More details will be released closer to the event dates.In addition to the MVP Global Summit, Microsoft has already hosted over 10 MVP regional summits across three continents since the start of the program year with two more planned in February and April. Through these events, MVPs have the opportunity to meet with each other and receive deep technical training on key product technologies with access to leading Microsoft executives and product managers. Today, Microsoft is pl

Community Bookmarks - An Intro

So after blogrolls, trackbacks, podcasting, blogcast.. it is turn for "Community Bookmarks".. look at some of the sites before trying to understand what is it all about (it is easire that way): Community Bookmark: Bookmarking is adding sites one likes to one's personal collection of links. The next step is to tag these sites with keywords and choose to share these links with everyone. What makes Community Bookmark a social system is the ability to let one see the links that others have collected (and subscribe to them if you want), as well as showing who else has bookmarked a specific site. Ready to try the new community tool? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

It's turn for Microsoft Malware (didn't we talk about spyware earlier?)

After anti-spyware, it is turn for Microsoft Malware removal tool. This solution is designed to clean viruses and worms from an infected computer. This solution is an extension of virus and worm removal tools that Microsoft released in 2004. Those tools were specific to a single virus and some of its variants, and through Automatic Update they scanned 55 million PCs in 2004. The new solution provides more convenience by rolling up all viruses and variants targeted into a common removal tool. These removal tools are available through the following delivery vehicles:· As a priority update through Windows Update and through Auto Update for the more than 112 million Windows XP PCs configured to receive priority updates automatically · As an easy-to-use ActiveX control available at · As a download through the Microsoft Download Center (download the tool from here) Frankly, the spyware versus malware confused me a bit. But wit

WAR OF A MILLON - Age Of Empires, Age of Mythology and Rise of Nations

Well GAMERS of India, show your mettle at WAR of the million !! I have been an avid gamer of Age of Empires and Age of Mythology myself!! Some of the cool features of the event: -Play the GAME you love live online with other contestants! -No entry fee for the contest - 8000 contestants will battle it out across 8 cities (Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkatta, Mumbai, Pune) simultaneously for a shot at the Mega Prizes -Total Prize Money of INR 1 millon (WHOA!!!) -You earn cash when you win the prizes… -The championship is being covered on Ten Sports So get your swords out.. your manna levels high.. pray that your workers are fast enough, warriors furious enough, wood and gold mines abundant and TITANS are created! Ready to beat a civilization? Register at: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

Indian User Group Blogs

We have started an effort by which all the UG leads in the country will be able to talk about the great events they have been having in the their UG chapters ( ) Future plan is to make this available from the so that community can see their activity as a part of the microsoft technology family.. If you are a UG lead / member who would like to blog about the great activities that are being done in your UG and would like to see the same advertised, drop in a comment here... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

MSN Search in your RSS Aggregator

Recently I went to to look at how is my blog profile looking. Then I came across a cool option by which i could search the blogs containing the term I wanted.. What was even better was the fact that you could subscribe to the results in a RSS feed format.. that way, when more references to the term are added it is visible through the RSS aggregator of choice.. Today through Scoble I came to know about the same facility in MSN Search. So whenever new results are available you can see it in your RSS viewer.. so how can you get your own search term monitored: 1. Get the query string from the MSN Beta Search website (copy the URL from the address bar after you have put in the search term and looked for it) 2. Append the ‘&format=rss’ to the query string 3. Copy this appended URL to your RSS aggregator So what is the search term I included? “abhishek kant” – aren’t we all interested in the whispers across internet about self? -------------------------------

Yahoo makes BETA Yahoo Toolbar available

Yahoo has made its Desktop Toolbar beta available. You can download the same at:   I am anxiously waiting for someone to let me know who good / bad is it?   I have been using MSN Desktop Toolbar on my machine for sometime now.. though I am still searching my PST files using Lookout!

My MS Passport Concerns

So i got interested in implementing MS Passport for a site.. i realised that apart from the huge buzz around privacy, monopoly in Passport services, use of passport will eliminate a lot of code from my website.. code to: maintain credential management modules in my DB design pages for login, forgot password, change password etc. I got some very good article from that walked me through designing my own passport page.. and then the news that Passport is no longer being promoted by MS hit! so I set out to find if Passport is the right way to go and i was surprised to find that MS Passport is not only alive and kicking but also planning a 3.0 release! Look at some of the things i found: "We would like to take this opportunity to assure you in the strongest terms possible that Microsoft remains committed to the continued evolution of the Passport Service, and to continued support for our Passport partners and their users. While we have refined our focus for Pas

Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware

After the acquisition of Giant AntiSpyware, Microsoft has made a beta available for download at:   For the people who have been bugged with numerous pop-ups (eeeekkkksss), there is a lot of relief from this software. After installation it scans our machine for any spyware and actively removes them..   this is manna from heaven J

Corrupting my IIS 5.1 Metabase and then recovering it!

While trying to install one of the User Group Forums on my machine, the application corrupted my IIS 5.1 (I am running Windows XP)... to start with the only indication that i had was "Internal Error 500" message that IE displayed to me. Deepak then changed the Internet Explorer setting: Browse -> Show Friendly Error Messages to display extended error message rather than "friendly" error message. Then the error changed to reflect that my IIS metabase has been corrupted. Now in IIS 5.1, metabase is still a binary file rather than an editable XML (as in IIS 6.0).. so started looking for a utility to edit the bin file.. discovered the Meta Edit Utility. IIS Meta Edit Utility: Document on working with MetaBase: With all the information at hand tried to edit my metabase but was NOT able to get the configuration right.. so restored the auto s

Community Software: Who is the fairest of them all?

I am trying to figure out what is the best solution on Microsoft Platform to host a Community? Have downloaded the following software on my machine: ASP.NET Community Starter Kit DotNetNuke Project Hurricane CodeZone I can think of following features that are VERY important to me (apart from the regular community features): through a single site, we should be able to host multiple chapters. e.g. for Microsoft Technologies, we should be able to host sites for ASP.NET enthusiasts, SQL Server enthusiasts etc. Though different sites on the frontend, we should have a uniform forum at the back. The forum The forums should integrate Email with the forums so that all users can get emails on the mail. They should be able to subscribe to specific forums that they want information delivered from as well. Site should support consuming RSS feeds. Anyone can suggest the best solution? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This posting is provided "

Are you starting a blog on your website?

Many of us have our "own" websites on the web... there has been numerous things that have interest alive on a website.. One of the most important things has been "opinions".. at one point in time we would have discounted "opinions" as too mundane to be heard.. with availability and adoption of blogs this has changed... it is time to put opinions on our websites.. Blogs is the way to go.. there are many free hosters on the internet that you can go to start a blog e.g. Blogger , MSN spaces , Rediff Blogs . If you want to host your own blog engine, you also have FREE software available that you can use to host them: .TEXT dasBlog Moveable Type (Free for personal use) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

Announcing the NEW MVPs

New MVPs have been announced: Abu Ismail Mahesh Dhola Dr. Poornachandra Sarang R.S. Ramaswamy Raghunath Thali Sijin Joseph Sreejumon KP Shivashanmugam Ravickumar M We will be updating their profiles on the India MVP list in a few days. We thank everyone who expressed interest in the MVP Program. The next nomination cycle will open in 3 rd week of Jan 2005. If you have not already subscribed to the MVP Alert, you can do so by clicking here . You can know more about the MVP Program here .