MSDN India Magazine - Community Article

Question: What do Eric Gunnerson, Michael Kaplan, James Gosling, Scott Guthrie, Martin Fowler and Michael Tiemann have in common?
Answer: Each of them are very active in the community and run their blogs read by millions.

Well, I have just been informed that MSDN India Magazine will be carrying an article on community called "The Ultimate Guide to the Microsoft Community" in the upcoming release.. Yippeeee!!

Keep your eyes open for it!

In case you are reading this post, you need to focus on last few paragraphs of the article :)
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Hardik Shah said…
Hey nice to know about the Community Article. After all community is the best "teacher" and a always curious "student" :)
Sudhakar said…
Oh, that's a great news abhi...I have to grab that copy by any chance :-)
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Ayoye said…
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