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What’s your Phone Ishtyle?

Internet is spread with numerous surveys you can take to know yourself. From what cricketer are you to what colour are you, everyone has taken a survey of some kind. The surveys are a lot of fun and very entertaining. Now Microsoft offers to tell you your Phone personality or Phone Style. It will ask you 5-6 questions and then tell you your phone characteristics. I took the interesting quiz and here is what it said for me: I’m Always in Control On a good day, success means a leisurely game of tennis or lazing at the swimming pool. At other times, you’re travelling for a project and meeting challenging deadlines. Work or play, Windows Mobile puts you firmly in the driver’s seat. The suggestions offered to me were HTC Touch Viva and ASUS M930. I would say it is pretty much on mark :) And the site even offers you a Windows Mobile phone as a prize and for that you will need to refer a few friends to the site and complete a slogan.. So, if you want your phone to d

Search for Voice: Microsoft Recite

Microsoft Recite is a search technology for your voice that runs on Windows Mobile 6.0 or higher devices. With Microsoft Recite, you can use your voice to easily store, search and retrieve the things you want to remember, where and when you need them. Recite even lets you remember and search in multiple languages. You can record your shopping list, friends’ birthdays, addresses, school happenings, gift ideas, get-togethers, favorite wines… anything you might need or want to remember later. Later, you just need to search with your voice and it retrieves all recorded notes. How Does It Work?  Microsoft Recite’s voice search works by voice pattern matching . It analyzes the patterns in your speech and finds matches between two recordings -- the notes you stored on your phone, and the search you do using your voice. This is different from speech recognition, which has to accurately convert spoken words to application-readable input. The free software can be downloaded from: ht