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Migration from Office live over!

well the "forced" migration away from Office Live is now over.. i have successfully migrated the domain and email accounts. the content on the website and the email is gone.. i am making a new start with these.. the experience of migrating the domain was very simple and very painless. and if you want to know who i host my domains with - and where have i migrated from Office Live - Google Apps. in a few days i will publish a comparison of the two light SME services.. Technorati tags: office live , google apps

Office Live gives me a boot!

I have been running a Office Live Basic account for sometime now. i enrolled when it was still running WSS 2.0 and then migrated to WSS 3.0 and then was finally released. now i have been aiding in running a site and suddenly the site was no longer modifiable. Each time you would try to access the tools to modify the content on the page (website designer), it would throw an error: " We're unable to complete your request Windows Live ID is experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later." Once or twice i thought it might be a transient condition. but when the same error was consistent over a period of time, I got worried. The emails associated with the domain were running fine all this while. I had it on "Custom Domains" even before the Office Live. So i wrote in to the support and after a few contacts this was forwarded to the product team. the response from the support was - "we are sorry to inform you that you have identified a known issue

Windows Live Translator BETA available

I have used Yahoo, google and other services to translate phrases and websites from one language to another. mostly this has been left to a link on the main page of the website so people who want to read it in another language than english can do so. now, Windows live service has launched the translator service as well. you can access the same here: you can translate specific phrases or entire websites using this service. when you do website transation both the websites display side by side and scroll in sync. and in case you are wondering if the translator is doing the Hindi or any other Indic language translation, NO it isn't. I hope that realisation on importance of Indian market dawns early on MS (i know the process has already begun with initial release of skydrive BETA in India but it needs to be expedited!). Category: microsoft , website ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This posting is provided "

Lost your Windows CD?

Recently one of the MVPs asked me about an interesting problem. Many a times users of genuine Windows tend to loose or damage the Windows installation media they got with their PC. They still have the sticker with the product code but don't have the CD. What should they do? The solution is to get a replacement disc. To get the disc the customers should approach MS Connect and they would route accordingly. The replacement happens within 90 days and may be charged. the telephone nos of MS Connect are: 1800 102 1100 (Toll Free number – Accessible from anywhere in India from Airtel land line and mobile phone) 1800 111100 (Toll Free number – Accessible from 36 cities in India from MTNL/BSNL landline) +91 80 40103000 (Toll number – Accessible from anywhere in the world from any telecom) So if are facing the same issue, you know what to do.. Category: microsoft , india ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This posting is provided "AS IS"

Windows Live Suite Available

Microsoft has released a combination of all the great Live suite of products in a single installer - Live Mail, Live Messenger, Live Writer, Live Photo Gallery, Live Toolbar, live one care family safety. The installer is available from: the installer itself of a very small size - 1.72 MB and downloads quickly. Once downloaded and installation started, it may take around 30 mins to install all the applications. the version of this suite of products is 1288.816. one is free to choose the applications that one would want on their system. this is presented in a very easy to understand format rather than the "underground" installation of google/ yahoo toolbar that happens anytime you install an unrelated software (read quicktime and many others)! the installation may require you to restart your system in case of certain applications being open. however, you are provided an option to restart later that is a great relief. if you are upgrading the experienc