Office Live gives me a boot!

I have been running a Office Live Basic account for sometime now. i enrolled when it was still running WSS 2.0 and then migrated to WSS 3.0 and then was finally released.

now i have been aiding in running a site and suddenly the site was no longer modifiable. Each time you would try to access the tools to modify the content on the page (website designer), it would throw an error:

"We're unable to complete your request
Windows Live ID is experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later."

Once or twice i thought it might be a transient condition. but when the same error was consistent over a period of time, I got worried. The emails associated with the domain were running fine all this while. I had it on "Custom Domains" even before the Office Live.

So i wrote in to the support and after a few contacts this was forwarded to the product team. the response from the support was -

"we are sorry to inform you that you have identified a known issue for which there is currently no resolution."

DUH! and the solution was that i need to delete this account from Office Live. what happens to my website that i so foundly built? what happens to all my emails?

all my attempts to suggest alternatives went in vain:

  1. delete and recreate the account
  2. retain the email accounts with Custom Domain

so finally after a month long discussion with the support I am finally forced to close the account and switch to another service.

My only submission is that if Office live really wants to be the business and enterprise partner, it can't get away with saying that there is no resolution and you need to cancel your account here.

Now i am canceling the Office Live account and gearing up for the horrors of the  domain transfer from Office Live:

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