Windows Live Suite Available

Microsoft has released a combination of all the great Live suite of products in a single installer - Live Mail, Live Messenger, Live Writer, Live Photo Gallery, Live Toolbar, live one care family safety. The installer is available from:

the installer itself of a very small size - 1.72 MB and downloads quickly. Once downloaded and installation started, it may take around 30 mins to install all the applications. the version of this suite of products is 1288.816.

one is free to choose the applications that one would want on their system. this is presented in a very easy to understand format rather than the "underground" installation of google/ yahoo toolbar that happens anytime you install an unrelated software (read quicktime and many others)! the installation may require you to restart your system in case of certain applications being open. however, you are provided an option to restart later that is a great relief.

if you are upgrading the experience is seamless and there is no loss of data anywhere.

So what are some of the new features in this release:
  • Live Messenger: v8.5 with its great looks
  • Photo Gallery: Improved cropping and color adjustment tools; ability to watch QuickTime videos in the viewer.
  • Writer: Ability to insert videos; new XHTML markup capability; ability to print your blog posts; new support for Blogger image upload tools and PicasaWeb.
  • Mail: Photomail improvements; Contacts improvements; and a new customizable toolbar.
  • OneCare Family Safety: New integration with Mail, Messenger, and Spaces.

The features added are simply mind blowing. My favourites:

  1. Live Writer's ability to upload blogger images to blogs hosted on blogspot (like this one)
  2. Being able to search across all the mails (yahoo, hotmail, gmail) via Live Mail
  3. The beautiful interface of Live Messenger 8.5
  4. Parental controls in family safety that lets me control friends list of children

IMHO, MS has done it right this time with the Live Suite of products. every single one of them is a killer application! if you haven't installed them yet, I would strongly suggest that you do so immidiately (and there is no genuine validation with this install) :)

The team has blogged about it at:!2F7EB29B42641D59!224.entry with options to provide feedback to the product team on the Live products.

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