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Everyone wants to own this kid: HTML5

Question: A kid that everyone wants to adopt and no ones exactly knows what it is? Clue: It’s not Justin Beiber! Answer: HTML 5 HTML5 is being hailed as the next BIG thing in technology after creation of WWW. Designers have bought into this lock stock and barrel. Developers are starting to dip their feet into this technology. There is truth to the importance of HTML 5 as it represents the next version of HTML than we currently use. Also, major technology companies adopting this almost present a consensus of validity of HTML5. This next version allows for richer media, richer semantics and more application like features (geolocation, local storage, background programming etc). The only issue is that it is still years away from being formalised as a standard. Browser makers including Google, Microsoft and Mozilla are elbowing each other to declare support for HTML 5 (IE9 and Chrome already have some HTML 5 support). Windows 8 is widely rumored to adopt HTML 5 scripting for writing