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Microsoft debuts it next Gen community platform

When one thinks of launching or being active at any community, he/she thinks of opportunities of communicating with other people. forums, blogs, tagging etc come to mind. IMHO, MS is one company that has taken a lead in this space after starting late. MS today has extremely active forums and newsgroups. the MS blogs are a prodigy in themselves and heavily trafficked! and i don't know of any other technical company that has even tried to straddle the tagging paradigm (tagging is a menu system for unstructured data).. the MS forums and blogs have been running primarily on Community Server . (they recently released their latest - community server 2007). Now MS has taken a step ahead and is testing totally new community infrastructure. if you are interested in community you might want to take a look at:   · · ·   This BETA release is limited by

Silverlight - The Flash alternative

The erstwhile WPF/E has now being renamed "Silverlight". While this is a name change there are many more changes that are being brought in as upgrade. Till now it was only Adobe Flash that the designers could turn to for providing rich functionality. With Silverlight you now have an alternative. IMHO, this will become the defacto for web in short time. some other announcements being made: Expression Media Encoder – a feature of Microsoft Expression Media, which enables rapid compression and Web publishing of digital video from a variety of popular formats including AVI and QuickTime. IIS7 Media Pack for Windows Server –the Media Pack is for customers wishing to enable cost-effective delivery of downloaded media through bit-rate throttling and other advanced features such as cache-proxy support. Check out more:   Technorati tags: silverlight , wpf/e

What was MS talking about 15 years ago?

Here is the set of technologies that was covered in TechEd 94: Microsoft Access, Microsoft at Work, Microsoft C/C++, “Chicago”, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft FoxPro, Microsoft Mail, Multimedia, Pen Computing, Microsoft Project, Microsoft SNA Server. Microsoft SQL Server, Technical Management, Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual Basic – Application Edition, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Word and Workgroup Interesting to see how we have evolved :) Technorati tags: microsoft

Yahoo Maps India Launches

Yahoo has launched maps for India. The maps provide detailed view of the streets but do not support Drive From .. To.. sccenarios. they do however provide some points of interest e.g. pubs, cinemas, ATM. the maps are located at: it is time that Local Live (from Microsoft) also launches this service in India. Technorati tags: yahoo , india

New MVPs Announced in South Asia

The new MVPs for the third quarter of FY07 have been announced as follows: 1. Prasad Somwanshi, Visual Developer - Visual C++, Pune 2. Arijit Basu, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Kolkata 3. SHYAMLAL T PUSHPAN, Windows - Shell/User, Kottayam 4. Srinath Sadda, Windows - Shell/User 5. Saurav Basu, Windows - Shell/User, Kolkata 6. Hiren Mehta, Windows - Shell/User, Mumbai 7. A.D. Tejpal, Microsoft Office Access 8. Kalyan Reddy, Microsoft Office InfoPath, Hyderabad 9. Vivek Thakur, Visual Developer - ASP/ASP.NET 10. Vivek T, Visual Developer - ASP/ASP.NET, Chennai 11. Vallikili S, Visual Developer - ASP/ASP.NET, Chennai 12. Rajaraman Balraj, Visual Developer - ASP/ASP.NET, Coimbatore 13. Joydip Kanjilal, Visual Developer - ASP/ASP.NET, Secunderabad If you are an active community leader, you can nominate yourself to be an MVP. Please browse to: Category: mvp ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This posting is provided "AS I