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Mobile Syncronisation from desktop data store a breeze

If you are a developer and have worked in mobile space the biggest hurdle would have been ensuring connectivity between desktop DB and the Mobile DB. Some of us used replication to get over the issue and the more daring ones used RDA or something highly customised. Microsoft has now come up with a very very cool alternative called the Access Database Synchronizer (ADS) that would synchronize the data from your Access database to the Mobile SQL DB via Active Sync. In official terms: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Everywhere Edition Access Database Synchronizer provides a way to synchronize data between Microsoft Access database on a desktop and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Everywhere Edition database on a device. The setup installs the desktop component required for synchronizing Microsoft Access database with SQL Server Everywhere Edition database on the device. It also includes a read me file which has the documentation for the solution and a sample application. The sample application show

Cider - Sept CTP is out!

The September Community Technology Preview (CTP) of Cider is now available! The September CTP of Cider is being released as part of the September CTP for Visual Studio Code Name 'Orcas' – Development Tools for .Net Framework 3.0. This toolset includes both Fidalgo and Cider. There are no any new features in this CTP. It is merely a refresh of August CTP bits to make them compatible with the new .Net Framework September CTP. The Cider feature set is identical to the feature set released in August. (For more info on the features available in August CTP, see August CTP Release Notes .) Full release notes and installation information for the September CTP are available on external Cider Wiki . But the basic install instructions are: 1. Visual Studio 2005 RTM 2. .Net Framework 3.0 September CTP 3. Visual Studio Code Name ‘Orcas’ for NetFX 3.0 Sept. CTP Category: microsoft , Visual Studio ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Are you a Blogger? Then be a Blogstar!!

  The hunt is on. Microsoft is hunting for the best developer bloggers in India. Presenting the Microsoft BlogStars Contest! Create greater impact in the vibrant developer blogger community, showcase your thoughts and experiences around Microsoft technologies and technology in general. Here's your shot at glory. Register, blog your way to victory and become the first ever Microsoft BlogStars!  

XBOX 360 Launch in India

It was Sept 23rd that XBOX 360 was launched in India at a fun filled evening at Ansal Plaza Atrium. We had Akshay Kumar doing a rope descent trick and a british troupe of trapez artists. You could even experience playing with XBOX 360 at the Experience Zone at the venue. The fun really began with Euphoria playing and people dancing. Another interesting thing was Palash (lead singer) and I share the same birthday (23rd Sept)... Amongst interesting questions was when would Halo 3 be coming to India? And that was answered with "sometime in 2007" by Peter Moore. Category: microsoft , india ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

Becoming a Gaming MVP :)

With impending launch of XBOX 360 in India (23rd Sept 2006) a lot of people are excited. Some of the hard core gamers are readying to frag the opponents on XBOX 360. If you are an enthusiast and active in the community you can get nominate yourself as an MVP at: Here is an interesting post in which Microsoft Gaming MVPs talk about their community contribution: Some gaming MVP sites:   tags: microsoft , gaming , XBOX

Hunt for the Best Developer Bloggers in India by MS India

There are lots of great dev blogs out there.  Through a contest, Microsoft India hopes to engage the blogger community, garner mind-share with the folks. This does highlight that Microsoft is serious about bloggers!! Many of Microsoft employees are avid bloggers and Microsoft is one of the few companies with a pervasive blogger culture. Add to it there is really no blogging guideline within MS except - "Use your judgement"! This leads to very frank and unbiased (as unbiased as it can get) conversations!!   If you are a winner (amongst TOP 20), you will win some cool prizes and an opportunity to be a part of the MS Blogging Leadership Cell (MBC). Now even if you don't win you get to benefit from the huge traffic that being on Blogstar Blogroll can get you :).. so get the wagon on the road:

Jim Allchin publishes open letter to Developers

Jim Alchin recently published an open letter to developers today to encourage the testing of applications on Vista and to further contextualize the developer opportunity on the Vista platform. Please see the attached link:

हिन्दी दिवस : 14 सितम्बर

14 सितम्बर को हिन्दी दिवस था । कितनों ने ईसे मनाया ? कहीं कुछ हुआ हो की नहीं हमारी क्लोनी मे कवि सम्मेलन हुआ और ऐसा हुआ जिसका जवाब नहीं । हिन्दी के कुछ महान कवि आऐ - श्री उदय प्रताप सिन्ह, श्री शैलेश लोधा, श्री बशिर बद्र । कविता के माध्यम से काफी अच्छी बातें कही । दिल में ऐक ख्याल आया की बहुराषट्रिय कंपनियों में एसा कोई भी अवसर नही मनाया जाता । हिन्दी दिवस के उपल पर हिन्दी Search Engine के बारे में पता चला -  । इससे हिंदी भाषा का प्रयोग Internet पर बढेगा ।

New Game Discovered: Porok

Ok seriously, this is a fun video to watch.. really fun :) and click on the "Porok" video... Guaranteed to make you laugh and play some more !!!

Windows Shell Team launches community website

The Windows Shell Team has announced the first ever public presence on the Internet with shell: revealed ( ). The goal of this site is to connect to  community of users, developers, and 3 rd parties and to share collective knowledge of Windows. The core of the site is a team blog where members of the Shell team will post on various Windows-related topics; not just about Vista, but about Windows in general. This aims to be a  FAN site, a site for people that LOVE Windows and want to know more about the Shell Team (who they are, what they do, and how they do it). Here’s how you can get involved: · Help drive people to the site · Create discussion threads · Participate in discussion threads · Moderate discussions · Provide information/links for us to display on the site · Make the site fun – help create interesting content tags: microsoft , windows , community

Technology Myopia in Kerala

It doesn't happen everyday that a government sets itself in a way that may well turn out to be a disaster. The recent decision by Kerala Govt. to mandate Linux in high schools is just one of them. This is in the aftermath of having banned Colas in the state. ( So tell me are colas more dangerous or are cigrattes and alchol? Why not ban them instead? ) "Stallman has inspired Kerala’s transition" quotes the education minister. Since when did foreign nationals start insipiring Indian govts. to take action? The interest of a state and region are now better understod by a foreign national? "Achuthanandan’s government to develop the state as a FOSS (free and open software systems) destination" - WHY? WHY? the govt. is now deciding on behalf of its citizens what technology will students study? after liberalisation in '91, it was amply clear that there is merit in delinking economy and politics. why link up politics and technology now? I would really like to

Brian Valentine leaves MS Brian Valentine the person behind the past three versions of Microsoft's flagship operating-system software toward completion, left MS on Friday (i.e. Sep 1) to take a senior position at . Of what i have hear about Brian, he was a much loved guy and a very unconventional one. His departure does seem to really cause a heartache. In the past few days, a slew of top executives have left the organisation. It worries me to see so many people leave. I wonder if it is a people's issue or something else (read change in guard at MS - Bill Gates retiring from the organisation and Steve Ballmer taking charge) microsoft

XBOX website in India launches

XBOX finally arrives in India with complete community support. Check out the Indian website of XBOX at: You have forums and other great stuff that you can reach out to get support.