Hunt for the Best Developer Bloggers in India by MS India

There are lots of great dev blogs out there. 

Through a contest, Microsoft India hopes to engage the blogger community, garner mind-share with the folks. This does highlight that Microsoft is serious about bloggers!! Many of Microsoft employees are avid bloggers and Microsoft is one of the few companies with a pervasive blogger culture. Add to it there is really no blogging guideline within MS except - "Use your judgement"! This leads to very frank and unbiased (as unbiased as it can get) conversations!!


If you are a winner (amongst TOP 20), you will win some cool prizes and an opportunity to be a part of the MS Blogging Leadership Cell (MBC).

Now even if you don't win you get to benefit from the huge traffic that being on Blogstar Blogroll can get you :).. so get the wagon on the road:


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