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The new “old” Operating System from MS - Mojave

Let’s get started – how do you rate Vista from (1 –10).. mostly people would say around 4.. and the loudest would say 0… or maybe even –1.. And now we present a new Operating System from MS called Mojave… What do you feel about it? most of you would be curious to know how it looks like and then move into what it can do? and this will be primarily driven by what do you use your PC for most of the time? what is likely to be your rating after you’ve seen this – around 8.. well i didn’t make this up! this is what researchers found out when they conducted interviews with people with the same methodology.. and guess what they were shown as Mojave – Windows Vista! Vista may not be getting the WOW it deserves primarily driven by perception issues…   and the good thing is that researchers documented their study at: Get there to watch videos of people before and after they saw “Mojave”.. What do I gather from this: Many people gather their opin

Getting RunAs to work in Vista

If you are a Vista user who wants to let someone run a single program on your PC with his/ her user credentials, then you are out of luck. Vista by default doesn’t provide you with that option. Sysinternals however does have a tool at that lets you get the same functionality. here is what you got to do to get the “runas” back to your context menus: Download the zip file from the above URL and extract the file to location on your hard disk (e.g. c:\program files) Open Command window (Start –> Run –> cmd) Change directory to where you saved the program file in step 1 Type “shellrunas /reg” in command window This will add “Run as different user” in your context menu Right Click on any executable to get this option Technorati tags: windows , credentials , runas

Microsoft provides unlimited support for Vista SP1 users

If you have been having issues getting that driver to work with the Vista SP1, help is at hand. Free, unlimited installation and compatibility support is now available for all customers using Windows Vista SP1. If you are in India, you will get email and phone support. the phone support is available from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM from Monday to Friday. All good things must come to an end and so does this offer that will end on March 18, 2009. More information on this offer is located here: So get your Vista SP1 issues ironed out today! and yes if you do use this facility, drop in a comment here on how it felt interacting with Microsoft Support Services.

Windows Vista – Underestimated?

Some facts (and not opinions or hearsay) about Vista: 1. Worldwide Reach: Over 140 million licenses sold to date. 2. Adopted as fast as Windows XP: Millions of enterprise seats deployed, and growing on pace to deploy at a similar rate to Windows XP among businesses. 3. Enhanced Security : Less than half the vulnerabilities of Windows XP; a machine is 60% less likely to be infected with malware vs. Windows XP 4. Hardware Compatible: Over 79,000 devices and components are supported out of the box – 47,000 more since RTM. 5. Application Compatible: Over 200 Line of Business applications unblocked, 99 percent of top selling consumer applications are compatible. 6. Solid Performance: In recent tests, Windows Vista Service Pack 1 was noticeably more responsive after rebooting than Windows XP on several common business operations. 7. Total Cost of Ownership: Reports show $251 per mobile PC per year in cost savings. 8. Energy Efficient: Energy savings of $38.3 thousand p

Recent Indian Celebrity Bloggers

Reading in TOI online today that Priyanka Chopra wants to blog but doesn’t know when or where or how to blog. So Priyanka, get in touch with numerous blogging groups in the country and ask them to help you.. i am pretty sure that they would be willing to help.. well i can recommend to you..  This is an interesting thought that i believe many other celebrities would also be having (after many celebrities took to blogging). Some of the Indian celebrity bloggers i know of (for your reading pleasure): Aamir Khan: Amitabh Bachhan: Ram Gopal Varma: Karan Johar: Rajdeep Sardesai: Now, if you know of more, please add to the list by leaving a comment here. Technorati tags: celebrity , bloggers , delhibloggers

TitsBits on blogging

Going through a BusinessWeek quiz, i some to know some interesting factoids that i would like to share: Forrester says that 25% US adults in US read a blog. However, only 11% publish a blog at least once a month. And amongst online youth 21% publish a blog and 37% read a blog. 112 mn blogs are currently being tracked by technorati and could be the universe of blogs. it is estimated that 120,000 new blogs are created everyday. However the active blogging universe could be closer to 13 million blogs. On the earning potential of blogs, top 10% of Federated Media Bloggers income per month is around USD 50000. here are some more names worth knowing from the Social Media space: Caterina Fake - creator of Flickr David Sifry – Creator of Technorati Dave Winer – Creator of Podcasting Bob Lutz, VC of GM blog is Fastlane The one trend that is coming up is the blurring of lines between main stream media and the bloggers. Today every major media publication has a blog.