The new “old” Operating System from MS - Mojave

Let’s get started – how do you rate Vista from (1 –10).. mostly people would say around 4.. and the loudest would say 0… or maybe even –1..

And now we present a new Operating System from MS called Mojave… What do you feel about it?

most of you would be curious to know how it looks like and then move into what it can do? and this will be primarily driven by what do you use your PC for most of the time? what is likely to be your rating after you’ve seen this – around 8..

well i didn’t make this up!

imagethis is what researchers found out when they conducted interviews with people with the same methodology.. and guess what they were shown as Mojave – Windows Vista! Vista may not be getting the WOW it deserves primarily driven by perception issues…

  and the good thing is that researchers documented their study at:

Get there to watch videos of people before and after they saw “Mojave”..

What do I gather from this:

  1. Many people gather their opinion from hearsay!
  2. Operating System may be difficult to experience first hand given u got to format ur machine to install it..
  3. People consider ONLY their usage of devices and rate them accordingly. Scenario based solutions on Vista should work
  4. Vista is better than it is perceived to be…

For me there were many funny moments from the experiment when people were told about what they were using was really Windows Vista. The one i relished the most was when one bartender compared Vista to cheap whiskey and coke and Mojave to an exotic martini!! what is your personal favourite?

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