Getting RunAs to work in Vista

If you are a Vista user who wants to let someone run a single program on your PC with his/ her user credentials, then you are out of luck. Vista by default doesn’t provide you with that option.


Sysinternals however does have a tool at that lets you get the same functionality. here is what you got to do to get the “runas” back to your context menus:

  1. Download the zip file from the above URL and extract the file to location on your hard disk (e.g. c:\program files)
  2. Open Command window (Start –> Run –> cmd)
  3. Change directory to where you saved the program file in step 1
  4. Type “shellrunas /reg” in command window
  5. This will add “Run as different user” in your context menu
  6. Right Click on any executable to get this option

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