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Lori Moore Roundtable with Indian MVPs

Another high executive visit to India to meet MVPs... i am amazed at the commitment execs have been showing for the MVP Program.. Eric Rudder, Somasegar, Steve B, Joe Peterson, Lori Moore - the list is indeed impressive.. who's who of Microsoft!! So what did we do new in this roundtable? For one we used Live Meeting... and broadcasted this to all the MVPs attending :) We also conferenced MVPs through local offices to the Microsoft Conference Center for the first time, we presented the results of the MVP SAT survey to the MVPs... this was done to explore if our interpretation of the truth from the SAT survey is really valid... many new initiatives were announced... main ones being creation of MVPAA (MVP Asia Assist) and Book Translation services for MVPs.. All in all another great opportunity to talk to MVPs and learn from our most valulable people ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This posting is provided "AS IS" with no war

Microsoft acquires Sybari Software

As part of a more comprehensive approach to help secure customers, Microsoft has announced its intention to acquire Sybari Software, Inc., a privately-held company based in East Northport, NY. Sybari security products help over 10,000 businesses protect their messaging and collaboration servers from malicious software. These products are tightly integrated with the servers they protect. By continuing to invest in these products, Microsoft will be addressing a critical need for businesses – better protection against malicious software. Sybari’s antivirus products utilize third party virus scan engines to provide businesses with comprehensive protection against the threat of viruses, worms and spam. With a layered defense strategy inherent in the product, Sybari’s Antigen reduces the window of vulnerability, provides customers with the ability to monitor, control and manage how viruses are being scanned within the network and delivers maximum protection with minimal impact on performanc

MS Anti-Spyware: My first spyware detected

Ok... in the morning i was wondering do i really need the anti-spyware on my machine? i do not undertake much downloading from the internet so anti-spyware was only slowing my system down! was proved totally incorrect in the afternoon as i tried to install Yahoo avatars from the anti-spyware came up with the NCase that got installed on my machine without my permission... easy 2 step process and the NCase is already off my machine :) i love this simple tool and am secure NOW! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

Students Now Develop for the language you love...

So you have not heard of ?? probably you have never developed any localized application in your local language ... here is the opportunity for students to experience the latest and best in local language development - The Indic Developer Challenge and win cool prizes like tablet PC and smartphones :) The evaluation of the application you develop will be based on the following factors- a) Originality of idea b) Speed and stability of application c) Innovative use of Microsoft products in the overall solution. d) Complexity of the technologies used Unfortunately the contest is currently ONLY open for for students (pursuing under graduate/post graduate) courses in institutes in India. Working professionals are not eligible to participate. Deadline for submission: 15th April 2005, 12:00 noon IST. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no ri