Lori Moore Roundtable with Indian MVPs

Another high executive visit to India to meet MVPs... i am amazed at the commitment execs have been showing for the MVP Program.. Eric Rudder, Somasegar, Steve B, Joe Peterson, Lori Moore - the list is indeed impressive.. who's who of Microsoft!!

So what did we do new in this roundtable?

  1. For one we used Live Meeting... and broadcasted this to all the MVPs attending :)
  2. We also conferenced MVPs through local offices to the Microsoft Conference Center
  3. for the first time, we presented the results of the MVP SAT survey to the MVPs... this was done to explore if our interpretation of the truth from the SAT survey is really valid...
  4. many new initiatives were announced... main ones being creation of MVPAA (MVP Asia Assist) and Book Translation services for MVPs..

All in all another great opportunity to talk to MVPs and learn from our most valulable people !
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