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Microsoft CRM 2011 BETA Released

MS CRM is one of the best performing and fastest growing products from the Dynamics suite. Microsoft has just announced CRM 2011 BETA (formerly CRM ‘5’). Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 delivers users the “Power of Productivity” through familiar, connected and intelligent experiences for users inside and outside an organization in the following ways: Familiar experiences through a next-generation native Outlook client, Microsoft Office contextual CRM Ribbon, role-tailored design, and user personalization. Intelligent experiences through guided process dialogs, inline data visualizations, performance and goal management and real-time dashboards. Connected experiences through cloud development, Windows Azure integration, contextual Sharepoint document repositories, teamwork and collaboration and the Dynamics Marketplace. CRM 2011 has been built on .NET 4 and with out of box Azure, SharePoint, Office & Silverlight integration. Scenarios for Azure integration include: