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Outlook satiates at 3GB

Well u can say that i am a power user of Outlook :).. i realised this recently when my local PST file went to about 3.3 GB... i was blissfully unaware till - there were no mails coming to Outlook anymore. so how bad did it look? when i received a mail it wud show up for a moment in my Windows mobile device that is set to sync with Exchange.. then it would vanish and since my default location is my local PST, i wud expect to find it there.. the problem was Outlook 2007 SP1 didn't have the mails that it was supposed to be having.. now, i mentioned that i am a power user and if i don't have a mail in 10 secs i know that something is wrong! this went on for around a day! enter tech support.. the single pointed agenda for us then was to reduce the size of PST to around  1GB... a lot of mails were deleted.. then a new PST created and mails moved over so that my default PST was around 1GB.. i was informed that the maximum recommended PST file size for Outlook was 2 GB.. then it w

Enrique singing on your desktop - INSOMNIAC Album

“ENRIQUE” does the launch concert of his latest album INSOMNIAC and you can get a pass from the your computer. Catch him on your desktop via MSN IN CONCERT . SO, LOG IN @ 8...CRANK UP THE VOLUME…AND …ENJOY! Kiss the latino at: Technorati tags: music , event , enrique

Office 2007 SP1 is Released

Get the Office 2007 SP1 here: this SP1 appears for the client tools. i am still waiting for the WSS SP1 to come through! Technorati tags: Office SP1

Microsoft releases a slew of Developer technologies

Ok.. see how much you can make a head or tail of: Volta Feedsync Sync Framework (yes it is different from Feedsync) ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions ADO.NET Entity Framework It has been perplexing to see the rate at which MS has been churning out  innovations day after day... while it poses challenges for developers as they need to learn new stuff, it is good for industry as such.. IMHO, the latest set of innovations coming out focus heavily on Web 2.0 enablement implemented by using attributes.. let's check out some of them: Volta is a framework that enables taking the decision on deployment at a much later stage of development. Feedsync is extension to RSS/ ATOM that enables RSS data to be syncronised across any endpoints. Sync Framework let's mobile devices synchronize  data amongst various data sources.. ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions - Data Availability over REST interfaces, Automatic data display & editing using Dynamic Data, ASP.NET Silverlight Controls & ASP.NET MVC pa

BarCamp 3 in Delhi

The Delhi/NCR BarCamp was my first experience with " unconference " style meetings. I decided to attend the same even though it takes me 2 hours drive one way to get there. Delhi can be a confusing place to drive in if u r starting from Gurgaon, crossing whole of Delhi and then crossing whole of Noida :) The first thing i noticed at the venue was that the car parking was full! I was registrant no # 108 (and i guess a total of around 125 out of 240 registrants ~50%) and was aided very helpfully through the registration process. The enthusiasm at the camp was infectious as the moment i landed I was accosted by Sun Partner company - Navisite who were canvassing about their offerings for Startups! The sessions were being held in 2 rooms - one on blogging and one on core technology. The interest in blogging was apparent ! However at the event, the focus was networking. The audience mainly consisted of startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers. it was clear that technology of choice

Microsoft announces PDC

Amongst of myriad of events from Microsoft, PDC tends to stand out given the new technologies that are discussed there. PDC is essentially where MS discusses the "bleeding" edge of technology and its future plans. It is a mecca of sorts for Microsoft Technology professionals. So here are the dates for Professional Developers Conference (PDC): October 27–30, 2008 Pre-conference October 26, 2008 Los Angeles, California Not much information is available at this time on the agenda etc but make sure to make your flight reservations.. seats are guaranteed to run out fast.. if you are planning to travel from India leave a comment here and we can network! Technorati tags: PDC , microsoft

Read Office 2007 docs on Windows Mobile

If you have been using Windows Mobile to read documents on the fly, you know that till now Office 2007 docs cudn't be read... :( Office Mobile 6.1 has now been released for Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC and Windows Mobile 6 devices.  The upgrade is a free download and will allow you to open and edit Office 2007 file format documents from Word (.docx) and Excel (.xlsx) You can also view Powerpoint 2007 (pptx) documents.  Other improvements include: • Enhanced viewing experience for charts in Excel Mobile. • Ability to view SmartArt in PowerPoint Mobile. • Ability to view and extract files from compressed (.zip) folders. This free upgrade works only for Windows Mobile powered devices that have an earlier version of Office Mobile. Well i tried to install the same on my HP 6965, but the upgrade failed.. i am still investigating.. Technorati tags: mobile , office 2007