Outlook satiates at 3GB

Well u can say that i am a power user of Outlook :).. i realised this recently when my local PST file went to about 3.3 GB... i was blissfully unaware till -

there were no mails coming to Outlook anymore.

so how bad did it look?

when i received a mail it wud show up for a moment in my Windows mobile device that is set to sync with Exchange.. then it would vanish and since my default location is my local PST, i wud expect to find it there.. the problem was Outlook 2007 SP1 didn't have the mails that it was supposed to be having..

now, i mentioned that i am a power user and if i don't have a mail in 10 secs i know that something is wrong! this went on for around a day!

enter tech support.. the single pointed agenda for us then was to reduce the size of PST to around  1GB... a lot of mails were deleted.. then a new PST created and mails moved over so that my default PST was around 1GB.. i was informed that the maximum recommended PST file size for Outlook was 2 GB.. then it was time for a reboot...

voila! the mails were back, even the ones that had vanished.. it is now time to action each of those mails :)

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