BarCamp 3 in Delhi

The Delhi/NCR BarCamp was my first experience with "unconference" style meetings. I decided to attend the same even though it takes me 2 hours drive one way to get there. Delhi can be a confusing place to drive in if u r starting from Gurgaon, crossing whole of Delhi and then crossing whole of Noida :)

The first thing i noticed at the venue was that the car parking was full! I was registrant no # 108 (and i guess a total of around 125 out of 240 registrants ~50%) and was aided very helpfully through the registration process. The enthusiasm at the camp was infectious as the moment i landed I was accosted by Sun Partner company - Navisite who were canvassing about their offerings for Startups!

The sessions were being held in 2 rooms - one on blogging and one on core technology. The interest in blogging was apparent! However at the event, the focus was networking.

The audience mainly consisted of startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers. it was clear that technology of choice for startups was PHP, mySQL alongwith Linux backend.. MS needs to hugely amplify the talk about its offerings for startups..

I attended the following sessions:

  1. 4Ps of Blog Marketing
  2. Building a successful blog
  3. Delhi Bloggers
  4. Designing Usable Social Applications
  5. Ruby on Rails
  6. Mashups

Session to session sentiment caught at my twitter.

I chose to present on a simple topic - Everyday productivity using Windows Live Tools. You can get the presentation (~ 368.4 KB, adjusted to include URLs) at:

To view the same, you might need the PowerPoint 2007 Viewer available here.


Stolen moments from the BarCamp are available here:

Another outstanding feature was the level of infrastructure that the organisers were able to provide at the event. this included - very yummy food, pens & notepads and free internet! hats off to the volunteer organisers due to whom the event was even possible and was such a large success!

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Abhishek Kant said…
yes sir i am ... how can i help you?
Maneel said…
Okay, you should have met me at the bar camp then!

Anyways, I am a guy in Grade 12. And I think all those guys from Mozilla, Apple & Linux spreading stuff about MS are evil. Personally, I found MS very cool. You got some badge or stuff like that which I can display on my blog ?

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