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Valentine Love - Flight Simulator

Today was Valentine's Day.. or so people said :) Today was the day i rediscovered my love.. my love for Flight Simulator that had borne the brunt of other personal hurricanes in my life. now that may sound uncool.. very boring... but people for lack of anything better rediscovering your love for something or someone is cool on Valentine's day.. guess that makes me a complete geek.. the process had started 2.5 years ago when i decided to join a computer firm instead of a bank that the whole of my campus seemed to be obsessed about. i played the cessna 172 flying lessons for half of the day and was rewarded by a student pilot licence by the end of the day.. now that is something i can feel good about.. if nothing else.. and to quote another stag friend of mine "spending time with a woman the whole day, you wouldn't be talking about anything accomplished by the end of the day" the valentine reminds me of a chapter in my life that was closed some years ag

Time Machine!

there is an interesting website that i came across today! it tells you in short what was happening on the day you were born.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.