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Solving the multi-platform challenge in mobile devices

The writing is on the wall is clear with mobile devices becoming mainstream business devices. In addition to the current workhorse – the PC, consumers and businesses are adopting internet connected smartphones and tablets in record numbers. The path for mobile device enablement for businesses is fragmented and full of challenging decisions. This starts from mobile application landscape being multi-platform and multi-resolution. While Android uses Java, iOS uses Objective-C, Windows Phones use .NET. Natively hitting all of these environments requires one to build multiple versions of an app and to learn multiple technology platforms. New challenges also open up with the client devices in deliver visualizations and touch enablement. How to work with multi-platform challenge Fortunately there exists a solution to this madness in HTML 5. This stack takes advantage of browser based technologies and hence can run on all of the major mobile platforms as well as desktop platforms. However, th