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Windows 2003 Driver for Compaq NC6000 laptop

Today i tried to install Windows Server 2003 on Compaq NC6000. What a miserable failure! the OS installed fine but the most crucial drivers were not avaialble for the same. Namely, network etc. this means that i can't connect to internet or to my LAN. this sucks big time!! reaching to the instant support, i was informed that NC6000 doesn't support Windows Server 2003.. what crap! how can a generic hardware of a laptop not support? essentially, i have come to the conclusion that HP/ Compaq doesn't want us to install Windows Server 2003 on NC6000. Is this right?

In India? Get a FREE Vista BETA 2 DVD

Got to know of this great site, where you can register and receive a Windows Vista DVD for FREE. the registration at the site is FREE as well. The site aims to be the Community Site for Windows in India. I am already registered, are you? Once you complete registration (only takes 2 mins) remember to update your profile on the site as well to include your mailing address to which they will be shipping the DVD. to know how to update your address (it is not that intuitive), refer to the FAQs on the site.

Microsoft Acquisitions in 2006

On an average Microsoft acquires 10 - 12 companies an year, but this year it has acquired around 20 !!! As with any other acquirer, Microsoft buys  to fill a product gap or enter a new market or secure a new channel. Here's a list of companies acquired in 2006: Lionhead Studios Game developer of famed "Fable" franchise for Microsoft Game Studios Apptimum Provides products that automatically transfer customers’ applications to new computers StringBean Their WinTarget product is an Internet Small Computer System Interface SAN solution Seadragon Helps solve the challenges of viewing large datasets on small displays Onfolio In the Windows Live toolbar, its technologies enhance the way people discover and reuse Web research Vexcel Offers photogrammetry, imagery and remote sensing technologies MotionBridge Offers search technology for mobile operators and the mobile Internet FutureSoft DynaComm product helps protect against phishing attacks and other Web threats UMT He

FREE Training on Microsoft Office 2007

Exclusive chance for you to dive deep into the 2007 Microsoft Office System! Spend a few hours every day taking free online learning courses and you will witness a sea-change in the way you work. Get to know how much you know! Assess your current skills on Microsoft Office System. Offer valid till August 31, 2006. Calling out all office users! Who want to improve their productivity and efficiency. Follow these free online modules and learn What’s New in Office 2007…   Big time opportunity for Advanced users! Here is an exciting learning offer that takes you from threshold to the pinnacle of the 2007 Microsoft Office  System. Sign up for free online trainings & courses to get familiar with new suites, servers and programs of Office 2007.   More to come for Developers… Check out for the new courses on 2007 Microsoft Office System in  June end. • Take an inside look at building and developing solutions with Microsoft Office SharePoint Servers 2007 •Learn how to develop solut

Blogcasting using Microsoft Tools

If you ever wanted to blogcast, here is an interesting link to explore: John here explains in detail the use of Windows Media Encoder (a FREE utility) for recording your blogcasts :)

Web Service Software Factory Released

This deliverable is available on MSDN at: The Web Service Software Factory, also known as the Service Factory, enables developers and architects to build more consistent, higher quality distributed systems with less effort. The Service Factory is based upon a robust layered architecture and includes written and automated guidance that spans all layers of a service including the service interface, business logic and data access logic. The Service Factory helps build services using technologies available today that are aligned with future technologies – specifically WCF and LINQ. The following list represents some of the challenges addressed in this release: Designing messages and service interfaces. Applying exception shielding and handling. Designing business entities in the domain model. Translating messages to and from business entities. Designing, building, and invoking the data access layer. Planning for