Web Service Software Factory Released

This deliverable is available on MSDN at:


The Web Service Software Factory, also known as the Service Factory, enables developers and architects to build more consistent, higher quality distributed systems with less effort. The Service Factory is based upon a robust layered architecture and includes written and automated guidance that spans all layers of a service including the service interface, business logic and data access logic.

The Service Factory helps build services using technologies available today that are aligned with future technologies – specifically WCF and LINQ. The following list represents some of the challenges addressed in this release:

  • Designing messages and service interfaces.
  • Applying exception shielding and handling.
  • Designing business entities in the domain model.
  • Translating messages to and from business entities.
  • Designing, building, and invoking the data access layer.
  • Planning for the migration to Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).


This Service Factory release is the first in a series of Service Factory releases, and targets current .NET 2.0 technologies. Visual C# source code is available now and a VB.NET version will be available within the next couple of months.

The second Service Factory release is planned for late Q406 and will incorporate guidance for WCF and .NET 3.0. A CTP release is available at the Service Factory Community. The CTP release already incorporates guidance for building secure and interoperable WCF services. The third release of the Service Factory will accompany the next version of Visual Studio (currently code named Orcas).



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