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Why blogging is not my cup of tea!!!

Funny!!! I am blogging about why blogging is not for me... The list follows: 1. I have to be connected to the internet for the same. - Most of the times i am without a computer leave aside internet connection. 2. My friends don't blog.. and if i start talking about blog they look as if i am talking greek. 3. Blogging takes too much time.. in case ur interested in one's online personality, blogging is for you... otherwise if u r touchy feely ... nah nah.. I DON'T have time to blog.. 4. I feel like a preacher when i am blogging - I am not a preacher 5. I can't disclose my innnermost feelings on internet - I am shy!!! 6. I have nothing to talk about - not really but to invisible audience it is.. 7. I never maintained diaries growing up.. why should i now? 8. I feel naked while blogging.. 9. I vent out any emotion i feel in person.. there is nothing unsaid that i can write here.. no hidden thoughts.. - I am direct.. 10. Frankly, given an option between bloggi