Microsoft releases a slew of Developer technologies

Ok.. see how much you can make a head or tail of:

  1. Volta
  2. Feedsync
  3. Sync Framework (yes it is different from Feedsync)
  4. ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions
  5. ADO.NET Entity Framework

It has been perplexing to see the rate at which MS has been churning out  innovations day after day... while it poses challenges for developers as they need to learn new stuff, it is good for industry as such.. IMHO, the latest set of innovations coming out focus heavily on Web 2.0 enablement implemented by using attributes.. let's check out some of them:

Volta is a framework that enables taking the decision on deployment at a much later stage of development. Feedsync is extension to RSS/ ATOM that enables RSS data to be syncronised across any endpoints. Sync Framework let's mobile devices synchronize  data amongst various data sources.. ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions - Data Availability over REST interfaces, Automatic data display & editing using Dynamic Data, ASP.NET Silverlight Controls & ASP.NET MVC pattern.

The enabler for many scenarios above is the ADO.NET Entity Framework that lets Database expose its data as objects!

Here's Mary Jo Flo with her analysis of the confusing conundrum above:

I am off to learning these technologies!

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