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imageReading in TOI online today that Priyanka Chopra wants to blog but doesn’t know when or where or how to blog. So Priyanka, get in touch with numerous blogging groups in the country and ask them to help you.. i am pretty sure that they would be willing to help.. well i can recommend to you.. 

This is an interesting thought that i believe many other celebrities would also be having (after many celebrities took to blogging). Some of the Indian celebrity bloggers i know of (for your reading pleasure):

Aamir Khan:

image Amitabh Bachhan:

Ram Gopal Varma:

Karan Johar:

Rajdeep Sardesai:

Now, if you know of more, please add to the list by leaving a comment here.

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Anonymous said…
Nice post! I didn't know that Priyanka Chopra is also thinking of blogging.
Abhishek Kant said…
i think a lot of people from entertainment industry are thinking about blogging.. i think it may just be a matter of time before their blogs gets launched..
celebrity blogs are already big buisness elsewhere in the world!
Vasudev said…
Yes I was also noticing this trend starting from Amitabh.
And recently Laloo Yadav was also in the news for Blogging.
and some others at :

Don't know how many actually blog themselves.
Abhishek Kant said…
i tried the lalu blog but it wudn't open...
what is amazing the celeberities are hosting their blogs at some other portal rather than on their own domain.
here's one more from Salman Khan:
Anonymous said…
Please try this :
else pl. goto index page
from there goto lalu's Blog.

As usual these celebs are difficult to reach, applies to their blogs also. ;)

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