Mobile Syncronisation from desktop data store a breeze

If you are a developer and have worked in mobile space the biggest hurdle would have been ensuring connectivity between desktop DB and the Mobile DB. Some of us used replication to get over the issue and the more daring ones used RDA or something highly customised.

Microsoft has now come up with a very very cool alternative called the Access Database Synchronizer (ADS) that would synchronize the data from your Access database to the Mobile SQL DB via Active Sync.

In official terms:

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Everywhere Edition Access Database Synchronizer provides a way to synchronize data between Microsoft Access database on a desktop and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Everywhere Edition database on a device.
The setup installs the desktop component required for synchronizing Microsoft Access database with SQL Server Everywhere Edition database on the device. It also includes a read me file which has the documentation for the solution and a sample application. The sample application shows how the solution works and how to write applications for this solution. The components installed on the desktop can be used by third party applications to provide data synchronization between Microsoft Access database on the desktop and SQL Server Everywhere/SQL Mobile database on the device.

Read the official announcement at the team blog here:

And you can download the application from:

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