Windows Live Translator BETA available

I have used Yahoo, google and other services to translate phrases and websites from one language to another. mostly this has been left to a link on the main page of the website so people who want to read it in another language than english can do so.

now, Windows live service has launched the translator service as well. you can access the same here:
you can translate specific phrases or entire websites using this service. when you do website transation both the websites display side by side and scroll in sync.

and in case you are wondering if the translator is doing the Hindi or any other Indic language translation, NO it isn't. I hope that realisation on importance of Indian market dawns early on MS (i know the process has already begun with initial release of skydrive BETA in India but it needs to be expedited!).

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Vasudev said…
At present there are 4 URLs
available for this new service.

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