Order digital photos online directly from Vista if ur in India

the convinience of ordering the printed photos online is truly amazing and now it is in India.

You can order digital prints of your photos from within photo gallery using a partner company iTasveer (www.itasveer.com). iTasveer also provides T-shirts with your photo imprinted on them.

It costs INR 4.5 per 4x6 photo print. This price is even better than the ones offered by other more established photo sites like flickr and dotphoto who print photos at around INR 5 or 6.

To get the prints, first set your Location as India from the Control Panel -> regional Settings (location tab). Start the Online Print wizard from Windows Vista Photo Gallery. You can then choose from 6 photo print sizes and pay for your order. The photos then get uploaded to itsaveer.com and are ready to be printed.

For a step by step guide on how to order prints online please refer here:


they are also offering 10 FREE prints on signup!

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Anonymous said…
Hi Abhishek,

Thanks a ton for the review.

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