Microsoft Launches Windows Phone in India

Windows PhoneMicrosoft is today launching Windows Phone in India. These phones are,infact, the second generation of phones launched earlier outside India. Codenamed “Mango” the Windows Phones bring a lot of productivity benefits to consumers.

Windows Phones are built with focus on people rather than getting tasks done or putting applications in charge. This focus on people infests itself with native integration of the phone with social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo Mail, Live Mail, GMail. Once you associate your IDs at these services, the phone automatically, integrates recent information from these sites into the phone. Let’s see where this could be useful:

Let’s say I have a friend whom I have not been in touch with for a few months. He/ She moves locations and updates their phone no. in facebook. With Windows Phone, this updated number would automagically find its ways to the address book and I can call the friend on the new number. Now, if I was interested in knowing about the latest updates about the person, I could see them right from the contact details. Windows Phone captures updates from all the social networks so you are assured that you are getting the latest personal & professional updates from your friends. Facebook & Live Messenger chat can be initiated from within the app to stay connected with the friend.

Microsoft itself doesn’t make any hardware by itself. The Windows Phones are being built by manufacturers as Samsung, HTC, Acer and now even Nokia. The first phone being announced is Samsung Radar. With Nokia embracing the Windows Phone platform, their devices are bound to explode the Windows Phone in the immidiate future.

With launch of the Windows Phone in India, the application marketplace is now available for Indian users. At this time, only Free apps from the marketplace are available with paid apps availability coming in the month. The Windows Marketplace has over 30,000 apps currently in the market with almost all popular apps being present in the app marketplace. Some of the key global apps available include WhatsApp, IMDB, Angry Birds, Amazon Kindle and Foursquare.

Some other interesting features of the Windows Phone include:

· Start Screen and Live Tiles: The Live Tiles on Start show you what’s happening with everyone and everything important for you.

· Threads: Start with a text and finish in Facebook or Windows Live Messenger chat (or vice versa). You can also send a text with just your voice – totally hands-free

· Groups: Groups help you organize your favourite people  and you can email, text or chat with a whole group at once

· My Windows Phone: All Windows Phones come with the ability to use any web browser to log in to and locate your lost phone on a map, have it sound the ringer, lock it, or wipe it.

· Xbox Live: All your games are now live in one location so you can easily play solo, or use the free Xbox LIVE service to match wits with your friends from anywhere at any time.

· Office Hub: Windows Phone has mobile versions of Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint for working on the go. You can ­ synchronise back to your SkyDrive, Office 365 or SharePoint sites

· Outlook Mobile: You have the option to view emails by conversation and to view all, unread, flagged or urgent messages. In addition you can search for emails that aren't stored on your phone but are available on the server. You can select multiple messages and apply actions to all.  Furthermore, Windows Phone gives you the ability to open and respond to IRM emails and content.

· Calendar: Meeting invitations arrive in your Outlook inbox with schedule conflicts highlighted. View the meeting details, and attendee details all in one place. You can view multiple calendars from your Exchange Server, Facebook, Windows Live and web email in one view, with appointments showing in different colours

You can get more details on the Windows Phone at:


Dewan said…
hope this launch will now deter apple and Google a bit from becoming competition to Micorosofr

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