Trip to Kodaikanal

Well, today i got "active" enough to post the kodaikanal photos on web. they are available at :

Kodaikanal is a hill station in south India. yes my friend there are other mountains in India apart from the Himalayas...

took a bus from chennai and made an overnight journey to the "land of clouds" - well this is term i coined. The day we arrived walked up to coaker's walk..

just hung around a little and wasted time.. The funny thing is it was not as cold as we expected.. by evening it rained and finally kodai was a hill station.. The next day we went upto pillar rocks purely on foot..

yes sir, a total of 14 kms of walking...
the best was yet to come.. The boating.. as with anything it started with a thud when we took the paddle boat.. The beauty of the thing came out when we started on a rowing boat.. and with it came the rain.. we got wet and kept rowing.. now if u have never done that before u should definitely try that...
i wish i could row more.. i will someday..

now things at Bangalore have started to pick up.. i am afraid though that i might loose touch with technology if i ONLY remain in touch with people and not technology.. so here it goes.. i will also be involved in development of shared software.. i know of will check that out and volunteer...

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