MSN Spaces Live - Blog Tool from MSN

Finally, the Blog Tool from MSN is out.. (they had launched launched a version in Japanese some time ago).. the blogging tool is called MSN Spaces..
MSN Spaces gives people a place to create and update a blog, and share their photos (10 MB of space available), music playlists and more, all while better connecting them with friends, family or the online world and support RSS 2.0.

So what are cool features?
1. Consumers can upload photos or blog postings to their Spaces from virtually any e-mail service or e-mail-enabled mobile device.
2. Contact Cards. When a person clicks on a Contact Card in a MSN Messenger or Hotmail® Contact list, the card pops up and gives a sneak peek at that contact’s Space – from its look and feel to the person’s most recent postings. The Contact Card includes links to the Space and those entries for easy access.
4. Gleaming. When a Spaces site is updated or content is added, the MSN Messenger Contact icon of the Space’s owner will light up, making it easy for friends and family to know when there have been changes. This facilitates more visits to a Space, faster responses to new postings and closer bonds between Space owners and their contacts.
5. Three permission control settings on their MSN Spaces site, enabling them to decide just how widely they want to share their content:
– Public: Viewable by anyone
– Contacts Only: Viewable only by their MSN Messenger contacts
– Private: Viewable only by contacts whose e-mail addresses are manually entered by the MSN Spaces author or selected from an MSN Contact list
6. Controls. MSN Spaces gives the consumer control over how others interact with his or her Space. MSN Spaces includes settings that give each person power over who views his or her Space and how people can interact, read and comment on the Space. This includes the ability to set up the Space so people can read but not comment.
7. Statistics. Consumers will be able to track visitor statistics on their Spaces site, so they will know how many people are visiting as well as other detailed information.
8. The various sections on the MSN Space e.g. music list, blog entry are moveable. this is just done by dragging and dropping. also, if you want to remove / add certain sections from your space (e.g. u want to remove the book list) you can do that too....
9. Features cool intergration with your media player playlists, MSN Messenger

And if you want to see a live demo before you shoot off with your own blogs, check it out on:

i have started mine at:
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