I have moved to Microsoft Gurgaon Office on March 7th 2005. My first chuckle - "I'm Missing Bangalore"..


Anonymous said…
Bangalore is as far as you are from the laptop. Punch in a few keys and you will be connected
Tejas said…
Man, I still have nightmares of the people rushing at train stations and in the train in Mumbai. How do you commute?
Anonymous said…
Man, Your profile still shows your location as Bangalore, Karnataka.

Looks like you aer very much touched with the Bangl're grace :)
Anonymous said…
Don't worry man, we'll keep u busy with community activities here. So u won't hv much time fr da nostalgia :D
Abhishek Kant said…
In Gurgaon / Delhi you can't survive without a car and that is how i commute here.. a little Xing carries me everywhere here :)

Bangalore nostalgia will never go as i spent more than an year there.

I am now starting to groove with Delhi and the community here.. hopefully much more in the days to come..
Sabarish said…
Hi Abhishek,

We will miss the support you gave to our user group and to the students.

Thanks for everything and hope you have a great time in Gurgaon / Delhi.
addytude said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
addytude said…
Is the Gurgaon office a Development centre or for Sales?

Is it possible to get in touch with you through email?
I would like to apply for MS Delhi centre for .Net, cant find the correct links on the web for the same.

Could you direct me over email?
Anonymous said…
Is the Gurgaon office of Microsoft a Development office or sales office? Could not find anything on web? Can you please respond on email manish.seth@xansa.com
Anonymous said…
Hi Man,

Nice blog.
Can identify with your experiences in Bangalore, since I was there too; for almost two years with Hughes Software Systems and I too am crazy abt Technology as it applies to people and dreaming up great products.

Am from Delhi Would like to chat with you sometime; add me to your yahoo msngr (naligator@hotmail.com) and msn messenger (aravasnilan@yahoo.com).

Anonymous said…
Hi Abhishek
Same question as asked by two more people.
Pls tell us is there is development center of microsoft in Gurgaon?
Any opportunities for software professionals?
Thanks in advance
Abhishek Kant said…
sorry guys for the delayed answer. there is no development center for MS in Gurgaon. It purely a sales and marketing office. the dev centers are located in Hyderbad. there is a support center in Bangalore.

there are many opportunities of employment in MS India. you can find more details on the same at:
Anonymous said…
Hi Abhishek

I am an MBA from IIM Calcutta.
I would like to explore career opportunities with Microsoft Gurgaon. Please send me your email address at: pri.agarwal@gmail.com so that I can send over my resume to you and you could then forward it to the concerned person. Thanks a lot!

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