The Power of Connection through Community

I got this mail from Rediff Connexions team.. i am reproducing it here as it narrates a very interesting story that could only happen due to presence of community (i can't gurantee the authenticity of the story)...

"A friend who changed my career..."

Sushma RedddyMarketing Manager,Mumbai (India)

When my brother included me into his network on Connexions I was immediately connected to over 2,000 people through him and his friends on day one. This was more than I ever expected. Imagine being just one email away from so many people.
Glancing through some of the profiles I discovered people from all walks of life, over sixty of them were from my industry.
Then I got this message from Manoj who was working in a company that was a direct competitor. I was skeptic at first but then he seemed like a good guy and I added him to my list of friends.
Over the next few weeks we exchanged messages and became good friends. Then one day he informed me of a job opening in his organization for a senior marketing position. The job description and offer looked great on paper; I went across and met their management and luckily I landed the job.

community feeds networking and it is always beneficial to know more people from your field :)

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