New MVPs Announced for Q1 FY07

The MVP Program gives out annual award to community members who have demonstrated leadership in the community. Though one can apply anytime, the awards are announced once a quarter. The ones awarded this quarter are:


Abhishek Arya

Visual Developer - ASP/ASP.NET

Amit Agarwal

Windows - Shell/User

Anand Khanse

Windows - Shell/User

Aneesh Retnakaran

Windows Server System - SQL Server

Baalendu Sharma

Windows - Shell/User

Mahesh Mitkari

Visual Developer - Visual C#

Mahesh Satyanarayana

Windows - Security

Praveen Nair

Visual Developer - ASP/ASP.NET

Rahul Nathan

Windows - Networking

Saurav Srivastava

Windows - Shell/User

Sujay Sarma

Visual Developer - Visual Basic

Thota Umesh

Windows - Shell/User

Vishal Gupta

Windows - Shell/User


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