Windows Home Server Announced at CES

Microsoft has announced that it will be launching Windows Home Server soon. Windows Home Server is a consumer device to serve as a central storage place for digital photos, music and other media. The first products are due out later this year and could cost less than $500.

The Windows Home Server will provide:

  1. Automated Computer Backup with Simple Restore for your Home Computers
  2. Home Network Health Monitoring
  3. Access your files from inside and outside of your home: You can use your home server to store all of your important files in a central location, for access anytime and anywhere.
  4. Media Streaming
  5. Solution that Grows with You: It is incredibly easy to add hard drives as you need more space for your documents, photos, music and videos. As you add more hard drives to your home server, they are treated as a single large pool of available storage space.

this server will be made available either as:

  1. Simple hardware box without keyboard or screen
  2. software solution installable on a PC


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