Microsoft Computer varsity at Bangalore: A Myth

In a recent Times of India report, it was "disclosed" that Microsoft will be setting up a university  in Bangalore and that negotiations are already on with the state IT ministry.

On checking with MS folks here, it appears that this report is false.  There are no such plans from Microsoft. There seems to be a misunderstanding by the journalist and a clarification has already been made to the Times of India.

On the very next day, 13th July '07 TOI Bangalore edition  carried out the clarification, available on Pg.19, Times Business section.

It says : " No varsity plans, says Microsoft "

Microsoft Corporation says it has no plans to set up a university in B'lore. "It is not our area of expertise," said an official release from the company.

The MS release mentions the company's commitment to the cause of education and the higher learning in IT. "We're sensitive to the need of the Indian industry and the  government's initiative to  bridge the talent gap that it is currently facing. We are and will continue to collaborate with the government, academia and the industry to address the issue," it said.

All's well that ends well..

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Vasudev said…
Yes, this has been denied the very next day as denial report appeared in TOI. Here's the link to the complete report. (.jpg file)
"No Varsity Plans", says Microsoft
Journalists sometimes run amuck. Just for the craze of getting some top headlines and putting more copies to sale, they just drive everyone crazy.

I am sure this would incident, which is not isolated, should have set tense moments besides sending tense waves to everyone.

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