IndiMMS: The New Voice in Town

After being a blogger for a long time, I have additionally decided to venture out in the podcasting field. I am happy to announce that I am launching a new podcast series called “IndiMMS Kand”.. the podcast is proposed to be weekly and should be around 10 mins long..
j0438876If you wanted to bookmark the site where the podcast will be available, it is:
The preferred mode of listening to podcasts is through podcast catchers. And they need to be fed the RSS URL:
You can find the inaugural podcast right here. Take a shot at listening to the inaugural episode (only ~3 mins)…

In this podcast, we cover:
  1. The things we plan to be covering in the podcast
  2. The naming of the podcast &
  3. The inspiration for doing this podcast
Since this is just the beginning, I know that i may fall short of the quality that i wish to achieve. I promise to get better with time. Your feedback and comments on what u would like to see in the podcast or what can be improved can be mailed to me at:
There were a lot of people who gave me feedback on the podcast early on and I would like to thank them for their time. To a new audio beginning :)


Anonymous said…
Very nice initiative.Quite an unusual name and nicely explaining the same.
Very well scripted and narrated with correct level of background music.
And I agree with the reason given for its start - Zune.
Hope to see the future 'kands' with good contents. You can also call for submission for technical topics to be included in future 'kands'. Also community contribution of Tips and Tricks And if ones tip is included , his name will be announced in the podcast.
So it will be quite a unique weekly digest one can have listening to on the go on his Zune or other players.
I will surely be looking forward to future kands.
btw, why the portion of the blog post got repeated multiple times?
- said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Abhishek Kant said…
thanks vasudev for your comment. i am glad that you liked my effort. i will like to get better with time.

the idea of inviting community Tips and Tricks is VERY good and I will include the same in my coming episode :)

i am not sure why the section got repeated.. i have edited the same out now.

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