In recession – Cut Costs: Microsoft India Shows How

The one thing i keep hearing everyday is cost cutting that is going on everywhere. Layoffs are more drastic of these cost cutting measures. Our company has also done its own bit of cost cutting (without firing anyone yet!)..

image Microsoft India has launched a website - that can help enterprises cut costs. The site showcases prominent Indian business leaders at the site.

To start, you just choose the scenario that you think is creating cost bloat in your organisation and the site will recommend tools and technologies that will help you streamline that process.

At the site you can also pre—order the CFO toolkit that contains 10 ways to control costs. In addition, the site features a bunch of case studies from customers who have experienced cost savings.

If one wanted to setup a discussion on cutting cost with an expert within Microsoft, they can do the same at the site.

In the current times, this is an excellent move by Microsoft to help the customers solve their real business problems.

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madhan said…
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Abhishek said…
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